(Glistening Examples - GLEX1501) CDR $10.00

Six compositions from between 1996 and 2009, and the previously unreleased 20-minute “Feldweg” by one-time secret weapon for Caroliner, Fat Worm of Error, and Deerhoof. Tiny Mix Tapes is pretty sure Bidden can easily “satisfy your deep and abiding desire for your head space to get crackled,” while Bhob Rainey is equally reassuring: “No one [else] handles so many skittering, teeming particles with such (alien) bar room elegance.” Listen to “The Arduous Transmigration Of An Incongruous Plastic Child” here:


Soundtrack For Takeshi Murata

(Glistening Examples - GLEX1302) CD $12.00

(Glistening Examples - GLEX1302) LP $20.00

The collaborative relationship of your dude inside Hair Police and Three Legged Race with the titular digital video glitch pioneer has spawned some of Beatty’s strongest work to date. The rubbery pulsations of “Escape Spirit Videoslime” and the ghostly buzzing harmonics of “Untitled (Silver)” are obvious highlights. Moving between hypnotic minimalism, dense processed atmospheres, and spacious drones, these pieces are the perfect corollary to Murata’s fractured and viscous visuals. LP includes a free download code and an 11x17 poster. CD includes a non-LP bonus track.


No Way In

(Glistening Examples) LP $20.00 (Out-of-stock)

Considering the terrain of internal dilemma, mental stress, paranoia, and the pessimistic contemplation of one’s fate, here is a 2016 soundtrack to distract from such thoughts, or a trigger that stirs ’em up. Either way. Clear vinyl. Edition of 400



(Glistening Examples - GLEX1402) CD $12.00

Anticipated second collaboration by tape maestro and interstellar trumpet-biter, who map unexplored regions of free improv. Matthew Revert's video for “A Frank Discussion” is here:


This Is What I Do

(Glistening Examples - GLEX1101) CDR $11.00

A collection of previously released compilation tracks. “Lescalleet’s work is a monument to the notion that music is sound,” your Dusted correspondent will have you know. “He exploits the quirks of cheap or damaged equipment … [and] the malleable, impermanent ways of magnetic tape…. Sometimes the material’s origins are obvious, such as “Un Peu de Neige Sans Raison’s” church organ samples… [while] the ghostly low tones and flickering high ones on “Untitled” could come from anywhere. But whether he’s looping sound into long, mournful melodies or squashing it into tiny quavers, he consistently invests it with such gravity that it could absorb a black hole.”



(Glistening Examples) LP + CD $36.00 (Out-of-stock)

An audio documentation of this electronics-and-tape artist’s coming to terms with the death of his father. The LP documents a performance Lescalleet gave after discovering his father had terminal cancer; its floor-rattling flux of abrasive, low tones invokes the purr of a Chevy’s engine Lescalleet’s father discusses in a letter reproduced on the record jacket. A snippet of the final conversation he had with his father is buried in a heat-haze of tape hiss and air conditioner hum. The CD further extrapolates on Lescalleet’s father’s email; its 74 minutes move from dreamlike bell tones, through abraded, metallic hum, escalating into fierce, brutalizing waves of noise which then cut to a recording of Lescalleet’s daughter singing the Irish folk song “Molly Malone” at her grandfather’s request. The book in which the CD is mounted has plenty more text and images. If you aren’t staggered by The Pilgrim, there’s something wrong with you.


Leave / Trace

(Glistening Examples - GLEX1301) LP $17.00

Formerly operating under the name Mites, Shakhnes has been recording and performing in Tel Aviv since 2008, releasing work in private handmade CDR editions, and internationally though Alamut, Mystery Sea, and Copy For Your Records. Leave / Trace blends field recordings from peculiar and mundane origins into sumptuously detailed and surreally original new forms. Shakhnes captures and juxtaposes otherwise overlooked details of commonplace events, placing his work at the fulcrum of contemporary tape music.



(Glistening Examples - GLEX1502) CDR $10.00

A dense and dynamic thirty-one minutes, created by Dead Neanderthals saxophonists Colin Webster and Otto Kokke improvising with an electronic framework composed by Zuydervelt, who then restructured, processed, and looped the results, and added field recordings, samples and electric guitar. Listen to a six-minute preview here: