A Doorbell of Earbows for Brefix

(Goat Eater - KNVBI) LP $13.50

Grainy loop tracks, vocal tracks (which may or may not also be from tape), and surrealist music which isn't miles away from early Nurse With Wound. Richard Vergez (Drowning the Virgin Silence, Gray Girls, Mothersky), Duane Hosein (A Jealousy Issue, Hand Carved Gentleman, ex-Poison the Well). Brandon Samdahl (Mr Entertainment and the Pookie Smackers) and Anthony Mangicapra bathe the entire thing in foggy reverb and mysterious scratching and shifting, which pulls it all together. It makes sense only as a dream transcribed onto recording equipment. The A side contains material previously released on The Huntington Chapters three-inch CDR (Small-Doses) and the B side is all previously unreleased recordings from the same sessions. Mastered by James Plotkin. TEDIUM HOUSE BEST OF 2009