The In Sound From Way Out

(Grand Royal - GR013) LP $75.00 (Out-of-stock)

The one you always hear in bars, the instrumental-groovalicious jam-cut collection, the bomb, the thing, the one you can't live without. The hella-mella stomp with tracks from Ill Communication and Check Your Head, as well as crowd pleasers, "Son of Neckbone" and "Drinkin' Wine." Yellow vinyl. One copy in stock, # 845 / 5000. Sealed.


Ill Communication

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Their fourth album, the last to be recorded primarily in Los Angeles before the crew went home to New York. A seamless synthesis of 60-second hardcore, supreme ’70s flute rock, stoned jazz-bongo solos and good ol’ shit-talking rap music. One corner of jacket is slightly bent. Green vinyl. Sealed