Let New Life Rise In The Face Of Death

(Hasten & Korset - 045) Used CD $24.00

This CD reissue of Mattias Gustafsson’s haunted and solitary tape (Sprachloss Verlag 2011) includes two new compositions, one with Joachim Nordwall on analogue synths and effects. “Although the trademark oscillator, synth and feedback work of Altar of Flies still echoes in the tracks,” notes Peter Henning, “Let New Life Rise In The Face OF Death references classic avant-garde composition as much as it embraces the seedy grit of industrial and noise music…. [A] haunting blend of environmental and found sounds that seriously throws out a challenge to the established canon of Swedish concrète.” Edition of 300.


Every Actual Body / Brittle Bones

(Hasten & Korset - 043) 7-inch $10.00 (Out-of-stock)

Concrète mixed with industrial. Darksmith does very little with not much at all -- the sound of movement in an empty, open room captured on cassette tapes crudely and minimally manipulated. At once meditative and unsettling. Sweden's Mattias Gustafsson scrapes and grinds metal like a true demon. Drawings by Tom Darksmith. Artwork by Daniel Fagerström. With a postcard. Clear vinyl. Edition of 100.