Ancestral Brutalism / To The Tall Trees

(He Who Corrupts - HWC023) split 7-inch $9.75

Two of Chicago’s more notable loudness enterprises deliver one song each on green marble vinyl: "Ancestral Brutalism" by Locrian (Andrew Sherer of Velnias guests) and "To The Tall Trees" by Harpoon (their first release with bass player DJ Barraca). Lulled Into A Boiling Rage describes Locrian, "Droning and forbidding sounds carried on air at top volume. Time seem[s] to slow down, waiting for the band to lurch toward their next choad rattling note. A perfect soundtrack for a desolate piece of arctic winter." About Harpoon, Cerebral Metalhead says they occupy a "middle ground between Phobia's d-beat leaning grind and Pig Destroyer's more metallic assault" (though, to be fair, they also said "When did A-Ha start playing grindcore?" so, you know, caveat emptor, motherfucker). Bonus material is included via enclosed digital card. With full-color double-sided insert, letter pressed cover.