Two Phases of Emanation of Light

(Heard Worse - HW07) LP $15.00

Markos Zografos’s complete composition for music and text contains a total of four phases; Heard Worse’s LP contains the third and fourth. It’s a noise drone work, made of slow building intensity, inspired by Xenakis, one in which “time stops [and e]verything disappears except for the sensation of infinity....” Paste-on cover.


Face Plant

(Heard Worse - HW06) Used LP $15.00

On this solo project — a textural wash of psychedelic flat-lining — Aaron Coyes (Rahdunes, Peaking Lights, Unborn Unicorn) utilizes a homemade modular synth, homemade three-head delay, hand-cut records, store-bought cymbals and additional guest oscillations by Rats With Wings.



(Heard Worse - HW02) 2xLP $37.50

Material taken from CD-R releases: The Fish Rots From The Head (unreleased), Southern Oscillation Index (HoLR) CDR-RWW (MIR), Ratified Loopholes (AEN), Ashtray Cabbage (Fiend), Get And Put (Deadline), Out Vile Jelly! (Gold Soundz), Night Science and Underground Australia compilations (Cipher Productions). With fried compact disc glued to the jacket. Extremely limited, imported from Australia.


Farben Raum

(Heard Worse) CD $10.50

Sun of the Seventh Sister’s debut CD -- a woolly mammoth of mushroom-fueled free-psych -- follows a 2007 New Zealand tour triple-lathe-LP and a septuple-cassette boxset on Breakdance The Dawn. The floating line-up ranges from ten to twenty-five players (with members of xNoBBQx, UnAustralians, Arse Lunch, Cock Up Shitting Whore, Rats With Wings, Stasis Duo and others): multiple drummers, multiple electrified chordophones, horns, vocals, oscillators, etc. Imagine half a dozen freak-folk ensembles congealing into a psychedelic din of Borbetomagan proportions. The CD consists of three immense tracks, taken from a three-hour session, lovingly recorded by the Pulled Out mobile unit, with mastering analysis by DJ Beefcurtains.


Unborn Unicorn

(Heard Worse) LP $15.00

Bay Arean Aaron Coyes (Mummers Eype, Heart Of Snow, Gromskull, Hisseaters and the Common Oracles label) fills your psych-folk-fuzz cochlea with echoes of Beefheart, Velvets, Spacemen 3, Dead C, and Kenneth Higney. Limited edition, imported from the big island of Australia, handmade recycled classical jackets.


Ten Grand Tonearm

(Heard Worse - HW05) LP $15.25

Nodding to the fetishization of analog audio, gear and vinyl, the Australian label Heard Worse presents a collection of noisy improvised music, side by side with more structured electronic noise. Features xNOBBQx (the Australian Harry Pussy); Arse Lunch (triple guitar feedback drone by an xNOBBQx side project); Castings (improvised psychedelic rock with noisy electronics, releases on Chocolate Monk and American Tapes); Cygnus (lo-fi guitar/synth jam by Sick Llama / Fag Tapes / Slither side project); Loachfillet (American noise blast); Marco Fusinato (another noise blast by Australian who has collaborated with Thurston Moore); Mark Harwood (processed field recordings by the Synaesthesia honch); Misty Lavender Doughnuts of Shame (electric violin with dialogue samples); Pigs In The Ground (more American electronic noise); Rahdunes (post-Unborn Unicorn); RLW (with Ralf Wehowsky on sitar and Johannes Fritsch on double bass); Sun of the Seventh Sister (two separate recordings synched-up as a 25-piece big band); The Vitamin B12 (vocals and electronics from the UK); Werewolf Jerusalem (harsh digital noise that sent the cutting engineer into a frenzy); William De Cunting (locked groove shenanigans by this Texan). In recycled classical covers with attached poster. TEDIUM HOUSE BEST OF 2008.