(Horn Of Plenty) LP $25.00

Debut LP from this new Philadelphia four-piece with one sought-after tape behind them, whose surreal approximation of nice music was captured in recordings over a few chance family dinners, with general merriment and creative fervor getting channeled through poorly tuned instruments and detritus. Songs collapse into abstraction, and vagueness unites in melody. The exact moments when one thing ends and another begins. Teen girlfriends’ mumbled bedroom jams striking the secret chord. Alchemy from the ashes. The sound of ideas and ideals. Although conceptually akin to fellow Philadelphian Sun Ra’s Strange Strings, Sift likens to sounds from the early 4AD catalogue, Flying Nun’s slowest hitmakers, or Förlag För Fri Musik’s stock-in-trade. Black vinyl, printed disco bag with an A4 riso insert, obi band.