In Store

(Humbug) Used CDR $3.00

A ramshackle, stumbling-down-a-flight-of-stairs kind of guitar improv duet recorded live at Progress Record Store, January 23, 1999, released in 2004. Edition of 80.


This Is Handiwork

(Humbug) Used CD $5.00

Bjørnar Habbestad on flutes, electronics and digitals, Morton Ohlsen on drums, and Nicolas Field also on drums play “extreme improvised noise,” according to Vital. On “It’s Benign,” “the high-pitched electronics bounce from left to right, with the drums sounded in a true cut up style. In none of the other nine tracks do they let the listener down. The sound level is cranked up, very vibrant and noisy. Certainly not improvised music for the weak at heart.”


Having It Out

(Humbug) LP (lathe cut) $18.00

Densely layered, swirling sound constructions made of nondescript scrapes and buzzes, feedback, self-made motor mallet instruments, metal sheets, field recordings, and loops from old 78s. Ruchalski has a way of bringing real life to inanimate objects, letting them breathe, sigh or sing in their own peculiar, rustic way. Paste-on jacket


Moveable Sites

(Humbug) Used CDR $4.00

Soundscapes mostly sourced from outdoor locations with light treatments (looping, sampling) and arrangements. Michael Burkard’s text and voice appears on one track, and Matt Broad adds zither and percussion to another. From 2002



(Humbug) Used CDR $3.00

Frans De Waard working out drones from very limited sonic material, transformed and augmented by electronics in short pieces that sound more like vignettes, miniature landscapes of a region of the artist’s imagination. From 2002


Autumn Collection

(Humbug) Used CDR $10.00

Musique concrète from 2004 by Danish duo Christophe Meierhans and Koen Nutters, recorded in an old police station in Berlin using objects, samples, field recordings and a complex microphone set up. Folded cardboard sleeve with paste-on cover and tracklist.


Cottage Industrial Volume 2

(Humbug) Used CDR $5.00

Tracks by Pål Asle Pettersen, The Cherry Point, Eric Cordier, United Bible Studies, Nol, Edward Ruchalski, Anders Gjerde, Shifts, Peter Wright, Ivar Grydeland & Øyvind Torvand, Murmansk, Agitated Radio Pilot, Uton, The Magical Fold of the Faraway Tree. From 2003


Cottage Industrial Volume 3

(Humbug) Used CDR $4.00

Tracks by Ryfylke, Raionbashi, Wawa, Orange, Manifold, Sinistri, Phô, Ovo, Wooden Wand & Satya Sai Baba, Excepter, Lunt, Maskinanlegg, Moth, Anders Hana, Violets Rock N Roll, Idea Fire Company. From 2004



(Humbug) Used 2xCD $5.00

2004 comp with tracks by Galåen, Anders Gjerde, Ivar Grydeland / Øyvind Torvund, Continental Fruit, Düplo, Dag-Are Haugan, HOH, Dr. Poliakov Egseth’s Kvartett, This Is Music, Inc., Fredrik Ness Sevendal, ARM With John Hegre, Waffelpung, Duo Kanel, DJ Bra Nesegir, Vehiculos De Ocasion, Vår Venn Gitaren, Bogus Blimp, Fusel Music, The Nordic Miracle, UM & The Detonators From Hell, Marakel, Reidarwebster, Lasse Marhaug, Andreas Meland, Cosmic Jinx, Dadaistisk Danseensemble, Pål Asle Pettersen, t++, O. Melby, KA, Fibo-Trespo, Sindre Andersen, Two Shot Sons, Origami Arktika