Ragtime • African Music

(Hungaraton) Used LP $7.00

István Márta’s Doll’s House Story; László Sáry’s Pebble Playing In A Pot; John Cage’s Second Construction; two pieces of traditional African music, and two by George Hamilton Green. From 1987


4' 33"

(Hungaraton) Used LP $10.00

Ionization by Edgard Varèse; Toccata by Carlos Chávez; John Cage’s 4’33, Third Construction, and Amores; and Double Music by Cage and Lou Harrison. Zoltán Kocsis, piano. Aurél Holló and Benedek Tóth, percussion. From 1989


In Budapest

(Hungaraton) Used LP $8.00

“Tintala 16/4,” “Rupaka Tala 7/4,” and “Matta Tala 9/4” performed by Dass on tabla, Sándor Kiss harmonium, Zoltan Kocsis on harmonium, and László Hortobágyi on sitar-dronika. From 1983


Halotti Beszed

(Hungaraton) Used LP $6.00

Budapest Symphony Orchestra conducted by György Lehel. “Chamber Music” with Lantos István and Tusa Erszébet on pianos, and “Burial Prayer Oratorio” with Fülöp Attila singing tenor, Ütő Endre singing bass, and Chorus Of The Hungarian Radio And Television. From 1976. Clipped corner


Group 180

(Hungaraton) Used LP $22.00 (Out-of-stock)

On this 1983 pressing, one of the preeminent European new music ensembles that brought international attention during their lifetime (1978 through 1990) to Hungarian minimalism perform works by Tibor Szemzó, Steve Reich, László Melis, and Frederic Rzewski


Arupa / Fantasia Su Una Nota

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On Arupa (1981) for six to eight ship-bells, a single drum, and a sustained pitch (here is provided by an electric organ), the process is somewhat similar to Terry Riley’s In C, with the bells’ rich tone leaving a much different impression. Fantasia Su Una Nota (1984), for two groups: five to twenty-four players wielding instruments ‘whose sound can be influenced after ts has begun to sound (e.g., strings, woodwind, brasses, etc.)’; and five plucked instruments or tuned percussion, also has a continuous electronic tone resonates throughout.


Közeledések És Távolodások

(Hungaraton) Used LP $17.00

Dark heaviness with minimalist and repetitive features, seeking to reach the innermost layers of the soul and the mind. Rhythm and loud harmony contribute to the loss of standard interpretation and the blur of original meanings, the goal being the absence of conscious thinking, a state similar to meditation, to get to the content of the human mind underlying consciousness. Four-page insert poetry, notations and liner notes.


Five Melancholic Songs

(Hungaraton) Used LP $10.00

Includes “Pentagram” and “A Continuity Of Rotative Chords.” Four-page insert poetry, notations and liner notes.


The Voice Of Time

(Hungaraton) Used LP $20.00

Includes: “The Voice Of Time” (1988) for countertenor and baritone solos, wind and string quintets and piano, written to an extract of a poem by Sándor Weöres; “Fives Repeated” (1985); for keyboards and percussion, flute and cor anglais; “Ludus Cromaticus” (1987); “Variations For String Quartet” (1986); “Souvenir” (1987); “Full Moon” (1986) for strings and gong; “Canon To The Rising Sun” (1987), text based on another Weöres poem “Drum and Dance”; “...And The Sun? (1986) for strings. Liner notes in Hungarian on the back cover, English translation on an A4 insert.