Ludo Is Fantastic

(Hypnagogic Films - HYPNO 011) DVD $13.25

Since the early 1960s, wildman Ludo Mich has actively operated on the fringes and the fringes of the fringes of the Antwerp underground art scene. He exists inside a world of his own creation where he has produced a significant body of work across multiple disciplines including visual art, holographic sculpture, Fluxus film, performance, avant garde science and philosophy. The core of his work is always the same: a need to stay pure to his own beliefs, regardless of the consequence. His family and friends know Ludo to be full of love and generosity. Devoted fans know him as a performer who continues to surprise and astonish. But despite 50-plus years of production, Ludo remains practically unknown outside Belgium. "It is his curse to be an outlaw, always," remarks his housemate Frank. Ludo has been banned from numerous bars and cafes in his hometown due to arousing raucous happenings and incidents of nudity. In 2014, the Royal Academy of Fine Arts threatened to sue him over a performance of his that allegedly incited the audience to mishandle works from the Academy’s collection. The police have been called to his home / studio on numerous occasions by neighbors complaining about his loud, barbarous, joyful laughter. Now in his 70s, Ludo’s work continues to gain integrity as he ignores conformity, financial gain and stays one step ahead of conventional and conservative art. Stewart’s mix of archival treasures, interviews with family and friends, and fly-on-the-wall footage immerses the viewer in the Mich Dimension. Seventy minutes in English and Flemish with English subtitles. Includes card for free download of the soundtrack.