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At times caustic, dubbed out and/or haunting, Melchior removes himself from established schools of sound. Recorded on a little Sony mini cassette recorder. Some of Melpomene is live (pots and pans being hit, etc.) and slowed down; some of it was recorded off of records and tapes, blurred to fit the tonal needs. The influence of Letha Rodman Melchior is in evidence, their combined techniques explored through years of creative collaboration. Melodies arrive as well, with the melancholy ballad “Mall Walker” in particular evoking images of Satie if he recorded for Vinyl-On-Demand. Melchior has, does, and will run the gamut of conventional, non-conventional, and bastard hybrids. 180-gram vinyl



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Christoph Heemann and Andrew Chalk’s soundtrack to regions of the deep sea where the fish need their own light sources and the sediment makes navigation nearly impossible pours out forty-one minutes of dark, understated minimalism and auditory hallucinations of numerous unheard sounds: the underwater songs of whales, radio static, labored breathing, rattlesnakes, the quiet hiss of air escaping a tiny opening at the top of a coffee pot. Swooshes of white noise are peppered with muted clangs and scrapes of what could be a piano or manipulated guitar while electronic glitches dance with high-pitched shrieks of sound. Dense drones come and go in relatively short durations, while scattered noises of acoustic and electronic origins play in the mix and a saxophone is quietly stretched to the limits of its palette of sounds.


Cassia Fistula

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Angry noises and mechanical screw-ups derived from self-constructed instruments and electronic gadgets. From 2002