(Indian Queen - IQR002) 7-inch $9.50

Sonorities from the purgatorial regions, where distorted and catchy tape loops take you from the inter-planes of the mind to the carnival -- at once sinister and endearing beneath the changing light of sooty reverb and effectual tape hiss. Deceptive washes of underwater tones fall in and out of tune; when you think you’ve been listening to a stable phrase for thirty seconds, buried in the glowing embers and vapor yawns an organ concerto or an analogue gear malfunction. Edition of 300



(Indian Queen - IQR004) LP $21.00

On Indian Queen’s vinyl reissue of this trio’s CDR (Time-Lag 2006) translucent tones by Scott Tuma and Zelienople’s Matt Christensen and Mike Weis hover in empty space, trembling as they hesitantly coalesce. Folk axioms break down into dust; dark passages become platforms for larger, more intricate layers. Good Stuff House’s Americana prism blankets sepia-toned memories in vivid color. Includes free digital download.


I Am No Longer Alone With Myself And Can Only Artificially Recall The Scary And Beautiful Feeling Of Solitude

(Indian Queen - IQR003) LP $15.00

Guitar-dominated, gentle haze that shifts its emphasis toward micro electronic assemblages –- at times damaged, turbulent, and percussive, at others lulling, plaintive, and melodic –- with naïve, organic, and processed string arrangements. Mechanical grit, lustrous swells, rapturous glitches, childish playfulness, Scandinavian darkness. Includes free download card. 180g clear vinyl. Edition of 500.