Heathen Earth

(Industrial) Used LP $15.00

A live document of a performance for a small and invited audience in 1980. “It’s … probably the most obviously electronic TG album of its time,” observe our friends at Boomkat. “Gen’s guitar and Cosey’s cornet duel with Chris Carter and Sleazy’s clipped, clammy, minimal synth constructions. ‘The Old Man Smiled’, ‘Something Came Over Me’, ‘Don’t Do As Your Told, Do As You Think’ and ‘The World Is A War Film’ are all breathtakingly, pulsatingly ahead of their time. ‘Still Walking’, first heard on 20 Jazz Funk Greats, sounds even more surreal and seductive in its live incarnation, Cosey’s dour East Yorkshire vowels echo to infinity before Gen presents a vision of paranoia and self-loathing purified in ‘Sub Human.’ ‘Adrenalin’ brings things to an oddly ecstatic, hi-NRG close, with Carter fully indulging his arpeggiated Euro-disco inclinations.” Second 1980 pressing with gatefold LP jacket. Ring wear and scuffed edges, price tags