Ritual Mouth-Organs Of The Murung – Bangladesh

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The Chimbuck Murung People of Western Bangladesh perform “Piece For Plung Orchestra,” “Song And Rina Plung,” and “Dance For The Sacrifice” in 1997 at the Maison des Cultures du Monde, Paris — one of the first times the music was heard beyond their native hills. “Their main musical instrument is the plung, a mouth-organ (whose origin is from the region of Burma and Cambodia)” explains Bruno Deschênes. “It is made of a wind-chest made of a calabash gourd, several bamboo pipes (between three and five), and a bamboo mouth piece. Each pipe has a hole and contains a free reed which vibrates when the hole is closed. The main reed vibrates during inhalation and exhalation. A plung ensemble can contain between ten and twenty instruments of different sizes. The music is repetitive and rhythmic; it creates more tone-color melodies than real melodies.”