The Shirley Jangle

(K-raa-k3) Used 2xLP $15.00

“An intimate and subtle meeting inside a bubbling audio biosphere of noise, sound art and experimental improvisation” by Lee Renaldo, David Watson, Christian Marclay and Gunter Muller. Three sides and fourth etched by Renaldo.



(K-raa-k3 - K3017) Used CD $5.00

Turtablism in the musique concrète tradition, though Schaefer's careful, organic approach to the slowly evolving material ensures that it’s never too far away from the sort of trippy ’70s kosmische electronica. Nonetheless, the rhythmic stuck grooves and gaseous noise connect to illbient and experimental sampling genres. The thirty-minute "Construction Eight" opens with pops, crackles and rocks crumbling in tectonic readjustment, before windy drones suggest the blackness of a subterranean void. Radio signals and an unhappy choir transform into night insects. “Construction Five” takes things into outer space with a liberal salting of ’50s electronic bleeps and whistles.



(K-raa-k3 - K015) Used CD $5.00

Another facet of Frans De Waard’s minimal music, the debut release in the label’s improguitar series. Mechanica’s heavy processing builds guitar strumming into thunder rolling through a world that’s relaxing, tension-filled and bewildering. A mechanical orchestra humming on end.