Hansel & Gretel

(Koushinsya) Used paperback book $20.00

Japanese language manga from 2000 (later translated into English and published by Viz in 2003), marking a new phase in Mizuno’s art, with psychedelic hues that give the arresting story the feel of a dark dream. In Mizuno’s version, Hansel’s a squatty kid with a tuna can strapped over his mouth to prevent it from shattering everything around him, and Gretel’s a tall, pink-haired schoolgirl in a sailor suit who attacks bullies with a bamboo sword. Their parents run a mountain grocery store, fielding visits from green girls who grow spinach from their scalps, and from a 40-foot-tall piglet who slices cuts to order off his big belly. The arrival of Queen Marilyn and her insidious black magic tests H&G’s mettle like nothing else. Japanese language. 128 pages, full-color throughout.