Joy Shapes

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Five extended tracks that atomize and absorb blues, psychedelia, gospel, improv, folk, and more by Tom Carter (electric guitar, lap steel guitar, acoustic guitar, chimes, wind wand), Christina Carter (electric guitar, voice, bells), and Heather Leigh Murray (pedal steel guitar, psaltery, voice).


Lie In Light

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(Kranky - 117) Used LP $10.00

Kip Uhlhorn and Kelly Winkler add flourishes of baroque pop to their 1970s German underground sound, and also a tinge of ’80s New Zealand. Locked down grooves, dense buzzes, pastoral psych and gentle washes from 2008.


That That Is… Is (Not)

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“Extrapolating from the drone of Dadamah, guitarists Chris Heaphy and Roy Montgomery move into new, stark landscapes marked by spindly interplay that recalls Bruce Gilbert’s work with Dome and the crystalline structures of This Kind of Punishment.” From 1994, in paper folder cover.


An Audience Of Others Including Herself

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Building on an improvisational base, the debut album by Dadamah’s Kim Pieters and Peter Stapleton, plus Tanaka-Nixon’s Danny Butt, blends subtle feedback, splattering guitar buildups and synth noise.


Tape Chants

(Kranky) Used CD $12.00

The second album by this Oakland-based composer opens with a minute-long track of tactile, engine-rev drone…. His drones get denser and moodier as they progress, gathering dust and debris to become more like field recordings than studio compositions,” says Pitchfork. “[T]ones begin with a sandy hue, then drift into low-end rumble and what sounds like acoustic string plucks…. Kowalsky’s work … is mostly for hardcore drone-fans, and even they might not be blown away by Tape Chants. But anyone can appreciate his attention to detail.”