(Kubitsuri - S;E;X59-036CD) CD $7.00 (Out-of-stock)

Nazi speech collage and violent corrosion noise decomposed in the early 1980s, originally titled Genocidio 20, and self-released on cassette in the 1980s, and then reissued on CDr by W.M.O./r in 2006.



(Kubitsuri - S;E;X59-041CD) CD $7.00 (Out-of-stock)

Second CD reissue of the original cassette (Tegal 1983), considered a high-water mark of early industrial. Aktivitat went against the grain prevalent at the time; rather than pushing the boundaries of volume and pummeling rhythm (for example), the album goes for lo-fi murk, where dour restraint is the tool of depressive darkness.



(Kubitsuri - S;E;X59-025CD) CD $7.00 (Out-of-stock)

Synth-processed field and location recordings, with misted-out chamber and choral music.


Nervo / Hydra

(Kubitsuri - S;E;X59-034CD) CD $7.00 (Out-of-stock)

Originally released on cassette in 1981, Nervo / Hydra churns through “carcinogenic electronics … deadly, corrosive atmospheres… and electro-shock dronings” that crawl through cycling variations, according to our friends at Aquarius, “punctuated with frigid divebomb squeals and slabs of flickering melodies erupting from MB abused Korg synth.”



(Kubitsuri - S;E;X59-033CD) CD $7.00 (Out-of-stock)

A flood of repeating harsh noise fills the space with a desolate landscape. Siegmar Fricke of Pharmakustik guests on electronics.


Hotel Ultra

(Kubitsuri) Used CD $30.00

“At almost any given point” on this 1994 CD, notes Art Not Art, “There is the sound of a saxophone in the background playing nothing in particular…. A gay porno movie is playing (the police officer pulling over the speeding leatherboy type scenario) during the first track, along with some moaning and screaming and lots of Japanese ’70s funk and pop music…. The recurring sound of various amounts and types of static also show up…, [and] whipping sounds come in as well…. The second track starts off fairly quietly and gets back into the same groove…, sans the gay porn…. [S]ax and … static return, along with … melodramatic classical music that fades … into … electronic fidgetiness that breaks into … [a] Santana-type funk jam. This lasts for a bit before we are left with nothing more than just the electronic tones, static and … saxophone…. [A]irplanes, a large crowd singing inside of an arena, and a man giving … a speech … bleed in and out.” Includes obi



(Kubitsuri) Used CD $30.00

Three tracks of howling shriek from 1995, blistering screech and piercing chaos. Toshiji Mikawa and Fumio Kosakai expanding the possibilities of extreme frequencies and sound with reckless abandon and incredible results.


Loka In The Black Ship

(Kubitsuri) CD $15.00

Based on a solitary boat making an ominous trip to Pluto, where organic and inorganic matters are mixed and carbonized to be dust, due to the invasion of the mirage of the universe. Metallic drone and noise are woven together while the previous ritualistic aspects are suppressed, reminiscent of an inner space of a dried black-and-white film.


Live - Big Rig

(Kubitsuri) Used CD $15.00 (Out-of-stock)

Live recordings from the late 1990s presented, according to Mars Hottentot, “as hard sci-fi — the sounds of desperate conflict on alien planets by people and machines with access to weapons far beyond our own. ‘U.F.O.’ is sixteen minutes of harsh psychedelia, Masahiko Ohno’s guitar hovering above the burning canopy, spraying defoliant on Sugahara’s mole guitar writhing in the jungles below. ‘Gather, Grandell’ is science-versus-theology at the end of a pulse cannon. ‘Divine Invasion’ is a black room where arch-priests ply their tools upon non-believers. ‘Bug Flutter and Cloudy Sonic Blue’ opens with the sound of choppers in the distance, sirens on the ground awake the troops who come out, plasma rifles blazing, jabbering their little android heads off. ‘Psyclenation’ [revisits the] motorcycle fetish … [and] invokes the vehicle before it blasts through the barriers of reality and plows down … highways of unknown dimensions…. ‘Angst Bop’ is you, caught in the flaming, gelatinous mess of Solmania’s shock troop napalm hoses. Don’t bother dropping and rolling, that won’t put it out — you’re gonna burn until there’s no more you left to burn.” Sealed