Come My Way

(Lilith) Used LP $17.00

Dark folk by the she-devil and soulless poster child of ’60s hedonism. This 2006 reissue of her 1965 album includes bonus tracks “Sister Morphine” (her 1969 single), B-side from 1964 “Blowin’ in the Wind,” 1965’s “Et Maintenant” and 1966 B-side “That’s Right Baby.” Sealed


Os Mutantes

(Lilith) Used LP $15.00 (Out-of-stock)

2000 reissue of their debut LP (Polydor 1968), which cracked open the red hot Tropicalia scene, fusing traditional Brazilian music, psychedelia, rock, a good dose of pure experimentalism, and the outer fringes of pop music. Sealed.


Dois Mil E Nove

(Lilith) 3xLP $75.00

2009 boxset reissue of the first three classic albums — Os Mutantes (1968), Mutantes (1969), A Divina Comedia (1970) — by legendary Brazilian tropicalia group who mixed traditional Brazilian sounds with psych and ’60s rock.