Retrospective III

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The through-line of the sonic universe of this LAFMS mage and former member of Monitor and Solid Eye, according to Mutant Sounds, “has always been a syrupy viscousness, through which his faded cycles of cheerfully cod-spooky and askew melodics pulse. Imagine a codeine-addled Danny Elfman orchestrating a Krofft Superstars inversion of Asmus Tietchens’ frosty cyclical wooze works under his Mechthild Von Leusch alias and pressing the results on aged wax cylinder discs. The glazed is paramount in Thomsen’s fishbowl universe and its protoplasmic essence ensnares my consciousness like a venus fly trap.”



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LAFMS Box Box documents every performance from the exhibition Beneath the Valley of the Lowest Form of Music – The Los Angeles Free Music Society 1972-2012 at The Box, Los Angeles in 2012. It contains every performance that occurred during the exhibition: Opening Reception Improvisation by Dennis Duck, John Duncan, Ace Farren Ford, Joseph Hammer, Mike Kelley, Fredrik Nilsen, Joe Potts, Rick Potts, Tom Recchion, Vetza; Artificial Art Ensemble (Ted Byrnes, Ace Farren Ford, Mars Pharoah Ford, Oddrocker Orlando Greenhill, Michael Intriere); The Tenses (Oblivia & Ju Suk Reet Meate); Tom Recchion; The Doo-Dooettes (Dennis Duck, Fredrik Nilsen, Tom Recchion); Le Forte Four (Joe Potts & Rick Potts); Smegma (Dennis Duck, Ace Farren Ford, Mars Pharoah Ford, Ju Suk Reet Meate, Oblivia, Vetza); Airway (Ted Byrnes, Dennis Duck, Ace Farren Ford, Juan Gomez, Joseph Hammer, Kevin Laffey, Fredrik Nilsen, Joe Potts, Rick Potts, Tom Recchion, Vetza); Ace & Duck / Artificial Art Ensemble (Ted Byrnes, Dennis Duck, Ace Farren Ford, Oddrocker Orlando Greenhill, Michael Intriere); Dinosaurs With Horns (Joseph Hammer & Rick Potts); Vetza & Joe Potts; Dolphin Explosion (Colette Weber Shaw & Ariel West with Dani Tull); Marnie Weber’s F For Ache (Doug Harvey, Dani Tull, Marnie Weber); Eddie Ruscha, Jim Shaw, Dani Tull; Extended Organ (Paul McCarthy, Fredrik Nilsen, Joe Potts, Tom Recchion, with prerecorded XO contributions by Mike Kelley); Feedback Waveriders (Antony DiGennaro, Michael Jon Fink, Paul McCarthy, Chas Smith, Brian Walsh); Artzenkraft (John Lewis); Small Drone Orchestra (Don Lewis & Eddie Nervo); Destroy Date (Eddie Nervo); Points Of Friction (Tim Alexander, Damian Bisciglia, Mitchell Brown, Joseph Hammer, Albert Ortega); Rick Potts (on altered turntables between sets); The Jrks (Joe Berardi, Kira Vollman, Rich West); Joe & Joe (Joseph Hammer & Joe Potts); Oolies (Tom Boram, Mitchell Brown, J.P. Jenkins); Rahdlines (Nate Archer & Aaron Coye). Full-color box, three posters, 52-page, full color-book, download card.