Instruments Disorder (170 Songs)

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“The genius of this rotating line up of freakish musicians and Gero 30 (an overweight, middle-aged man known to masturbate on stage during performances),” explains Sputnik Music, “comes from the fact that their music gives you exactly what you put into it…. If you expect a bunch of idiots making hardcore locked behind a thick layer of migraine…, [you get] a befuddling enjoyable noise album that plays out like Burmese or early Sore Throat trapped in a distortion pedal. On the other hand, if you go into it with an anti-art lens, looking for something like a much, much more frenzied Duchamp or Maciunas…, [this 1994 album] stands directly and boldly in front of the restraints called ‘music theory’ and ‘melody,’ spitting in their eyes. The overwhelming amalgamation of sloppily fast instrumentation pulsates at the heart of an avalanche of feedback and strife, burying the traditions of punk in a cascade of static…. Each fragment of this record starts to piece together slowly, melding into a continuous noise separated only by indecipherable yelps of Japanese song titles. The pulsating guitars shriek as the blisteringly fast drums go off the rails in a blaze of glory. As Instruments Disorder pounds on, the vocalist sounds more and more at wit’s end, like each second of hysteria hits him like a bullet through the chest…. Utter obtuse mayhem.”