Deadicated to The Sensory Armada

(Memoirs of an Aesthete) LP $25.00 (Out-of-stock)

The seven new numbers recorded between summer and autumn 2011 in the first AshNav vinyl LP since 2009 arrives with a heartfelt dedication to the lost and unrecorded '60s London psych duo of the title, and to all sounds sucked into the air, gone forever. Deadicated to the Sensory Armada is the latest stage of Phil Todd and Co's immersion in the synths-and-sequencers cosmos which has edged into recent Ashtray Navigations releases. A few new moves should give an indication of future directions. Piled-up guitar structures, cascading rhythms and the first recorded appearance of drummer Mr. Seth Cooke. Edition of 100.


Human Horses

(Memoirs of an Aesthete) CD $16.50

An exquisite interlacing of acoustic and electronic tones with spaces for high flying solo excursions – the first collaboration between improv duo Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides (Pascal Nichols, percussion; Kelly Jayne Jones, flute, electronics and piano) and analog synth drift improv duo Human Combustion Engine (Ashtray Navigations’ Melanie O’Dubhslaine and Phil Todd), recorded live in Manchester, England. Edition of 250.


A Theme Park For Whatever Happened Before

(Memoirs of an Aesthete) LP $20.00

The first sighting of Julian Bradley (a founding member of The Vibracathedral Orchestra) in a number of years. Eight tracks of intricate electronic calligraphy produced by archaic and malfunctioning effects units, unsweetened by digital reverb or any other modern day fripperies. Fuzztone and feedback patterns pulsate, intersect, and mix drone electronics, garage psych and a lumbering dose of doom metal. Imagine The Dead C eviscerating the instrumental bits off the first Roxy Music album and you’re halfway there. Edition of 250.