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“Firmly in line with monster-minimalists Tony Conrad and Phil Niblock, with extrapolations of microscopic detail familiar to fans of Bernhard Gunter and the Mego scene.”


G2, 44+/x2

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Hardcore minimal trance drone. Guests include Alan Licht, Lee Ranaldo, Thurston Moore, Kevin Drumm, and Rafael Toral.


Live at The ICA June 11 1971 / Retrospective

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A complete live show, other live recordings, and studio outtakes of some of his better-known material. The clear standout is the four-part blowing session suite “Stained Angel Morning,” where Russell reveals how deeply into the free jazz and heavy metal camps he really was. His stabbing, singing notes and psychotic runs up the fretboard have nothing to do with scalular architecture, but rather with viscera and tonal exploration. Even the studio version on the second disc is psychotic and unruly; it achieves all the feedback tones and affected sounds that Hendrix could get without the whammy bar or effects boxes and pedals. This is seven minutes of complete noise rock meltdown by a virtuoso playing the guitar like he’s strangling the thing and it’s fighting for its life.