Live!! 82 Apr. 12 Studio Ahiru-Osaka

(MoMnDad - MoM003) Used CD $40.00

Twenty-four minutes of Eye goin' nuts. Plus The Exotic Mood Of Chaotic Voo-Doo! and Riot In Jungle! – voodoo- and jungle-themed exotica by Richard Hayman And His Orchestra, Prince Onago / Princess Muana, Chaino Guy Warren, John Berkely “Peanuts” Taylor, Cyril Jackson, Bertha Egnos, Don Randi Trio, and Walter Wanderley. From 1993. Sealed.


Live!! 84 Dec. 16 Zabo-Kyoto

(MoMnDad - MoM002) Used CD $30.00

Twenty-seven minutes of Eye Yamatsuka on voice, tapes, glass-crash-percussion, cat cutting; Taketani on metal throw, army hammer, electric saw. Plus The Exotic Moog Of Space Age Bachelor Pad Music (#2 Moog Groove) – vintage easy listening tracks by The Moog Machine, Dick Hyman, Ralph Carmichael, Provocative Electronics, Morton Subotnik, Spaced Out, Hugo Montenegro, The Electric Concept Orchestra, and Les Baxter. From 1993. Sealed