The Negro Inside Me

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Six tracks from 1993. A burst of spiraling horns rushing headlong into an up-tempo Hammond-organ-versus-James-Bond jazz-funk groove; Latin-edged, cymbal-intensive percussion rhythm; scratched record samples, electronic noises and slow-mo hip-hop breaks that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Massive Attack album; orchestral textures and piano motifs; layers of hip-hop percussion and organ flourishes; sparse and funky wah-wah guitar; slow and lounge-y café jazz for piano and vibes.


Moss Side Story

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Elements of rock, voices from news reports, blood-curdling wordless female vocals (courtesy of Diamanda Galás), lounge keyboards, and swirling funereal ambient music are interwoven on this taut and compelling, three-act concept album from 1989.


Music (Live 1971-1977)

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With "Jynx," "Dizzy Dizzy," "Vernal Equinox," "Fizz," "Yoo Doo Right," "Cascade Waltz," "Colchester Finale," "Kata Kong," and "Spoon." Released 1999.


Or So It Seems

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“A sometimes unharmonious, but sometimes inspired clash of Dome’s noise-led experimentation and Daniel Miller’s synth-pop leanings” is how Craig Grannell sees it. “Apart from a few pieces that rely on the technology of its time…, this release … transcend[s] the decades, often sounding as fresh and original now as it must have back in 1983.” Price tag on the jacket.


Strategies Against Architecture II

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Their second annotated retrospective, with tracks from 1984 to 1990. c90.


Programmed Pain

(Mute - STUMM783) CD $9.00 (Out-of-stock)

The debut release by this San Francisco cross-genre experimental duo (sound and performance artist Gerritt Wittmer; musician / producer Jesse Jackson, ex-Sissy Spacek, touring member of The Liars) melds weird-core darkness with melody and rhythm via various electronica and synth-based instrumentation. Their depravity-and-austerity-embracing reality explores concepts of life, death, pain and its absence. Features their first single “LMAB,” the B-Side, “Born of Knight,” and four remixes (“Douleur Programmee” by sound artist Francisco Meirino; Black Claw” by filmmaker Orland Nutt; “Your Only Rite In Life Is Death” by G9) and “Resurrection” by Wittmer). Have a listen here:


20 Jazz Funk Greats

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(Mute) Used LP $65.00

Their harsh-ish electro-pop outing (Industrial 1979), where occasional bits of distortion are spritzed between rigid sequencer lines, a harbinger of the industrial-dance and dark synth-pop yet to come.
CD: 1998 remastered reissue with poster-style CD book of lyrics. Includes two bonus tracks – live versions of “Discipline,” one from Manchester, one from Berlin.
LP: The “Ah Pook Was Here” recut from 1979


D.o.A. - The Third and Final Report

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(Mute) Used LP $20.00

Their second studio album (Industrial 1978), a masterpiece of alienation constructed of collages of computer noise, tape manipulation, looped feedback and tape hiss, surreptitiously recorded conversation, threatening phone calls, and more.
CD: 1998 remastered reissue with poster-style CD book that has liner notes, essay by Jon Savage, postcard art. Includes two bonus tracks from their second single “Five Knuckle Shuffle” and “We Hate You (Little Girls)” (Sordide Sentimental 1979).
LP: 1983 repress