Cry Baby Killer

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“Something like this is probably being played in Satan’s waiting room,” muses a Russian incel. First edition from 1989, with painted sticker collage on plastic box. C46


Black Lovers (Early Lost Tapes 1988)

(My Fiance’s Lifework) Used CD $20.00 (Out-of-stock)

“Far noisier than later efforts,” notes All Music Guide. “Brutal assaults of feedback, sometimes with distorted voices screaming ... suddenly veer[ing] to some sweet little pop melody for several seconds or even a minute before the electro assault drowns it out, or stolen bits of funk music or a quiet piano plinking…. There are plenty of abrupt transitions that VOG is known for, and their usual junk-culture-in-a-blender collage style becomes more refined as the CD progresses to less noisy tape collage that is more in the patchwork style of later albums.” With obi