Psycho Motorik

(Mystery Label) LP $20.00 (Out-of-stock)

Teenagers have the ringtones on their cellphones, you've helped yourself to the MP3s from Ubuweb, your parents were two of the hippies who prevented him from strangling a swan onstage in Amsterdam 1970. So here's a brief opportunity to nab a spot-on reproduction of the elusive LP by the European performance artist, painter, writer, filmmaker, destructionist, cult-and-commune overlord who inspired everyone from Pete Townsend and David Bowie to Fluxus and carcass-defiling Aktionists. In the 1960s, his work dealt with social taboos surrounding sexuality, to the point that "Art and Revolution," performed at the University of Vienna in July, 1968, led to arrests.


Mystery Item #11

(Mystery Label - ???) Cassette $8.00

If you order this item, what we send to you is chosen from a rotating selection of random obscurities. It's not a hoax or a prank or a concept. You're not going to get a box of wind; we're not going to mail your order to some arbitrary address in the wrong state; there will be no Carpenters albums with "Circuit Wound" scrawled across the cover. The Mystery Items are stylistically and aesthetically consistent with the rest of our stock. And they are sent same as any other item that is ordered. The changing price and format shown is item-accurate. Artist, title, label are not dilvulged prior to purchase.