Party Animal

(Mystic) Used LP $20.00

1984 punk comp with tracks by Ill Repute, Don’t No, Stukas Over Bedrock, Incest Cattle, Scared Straight, Hated Principles, Juvenile Behavior, Mox Nix, Manic Subcidal, Sado-Nation, V.O.A., 2nd Thoughts, A.F.U., Habeas Corpus, N.O.S., Critical Attitude, Crankshaft, NO FX, Penis Brigade, New Regime, Fatal Error, America’s Hardcore, Justice League, Sacred Cows, The O.D.’s, The Micronotz, The Shemps, Sluggo, No Control, The Holy, White Wreckage, A.S.H., Seizure, Subterfuge, Half Life, O.N.S., Cancerous Growth, Seismic Waves, Caustic Cause, The Grim and SWA. Jacket at hole punched in upper right corner.