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Eastern European noisecore from 2001 with a devoted scrounger’s aesthetic. Old equipment, garbage, junk and things discarded (metal, wood, glass, plastics, paper), prepared electronics, various microphones, tape deck, pedal effectors, drum module, mini disc, samples, turntable. Disc is mounted in golden paper in an oversized plastic bag



(Napalmed) Used CD $4.00

Mid-aughts noise-rock-noise. Sealed with copper wire


Anomalous Silencer #6

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Tracks from 2003 by Luca Miti, Chaos Holokaust Massaker, Oltretomba, Luasa Raelon, Astrogenic Hallucinauting, Pan Demla, Fever Spoor, The Mindripper, Skryty Puvab Byrokracie, Noisebitch, Johnny & Jhony vs. The Fox, Mauro Orselli, Imiafan, Andrew Duke, Guerraeterna, Crimen Familiar, Discotheque Gronland, Humberg, Fuck The Facts, Asistar_T, Enigma Eden, Tote Stadt, Plethora, Iron Bitchface, Nova-Sak, Nequaquam Vacuum, Sound Inhaler, ExMx, Tremor, Kromleqs, Ellis One, Noisecore Freak, CEOXiME, The Industrial Wiping System, K2, Maschinenmensch, Napalmed. One corner is slightly creased. #703 of 1000