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Eugene Carchesio’s timeless work as a visual artist has unjustly eclipsed his extraordinary output as a soundmaker. Since the early ’80s, he has proliferated a sackful of barely released cassettes and CDRs under the D.N.E moniker, consisting of some of the most waywardly original and exploratory music made in Australia. Similarly, Leighton Craig’s work, usually documented in tiny editions on his own Kindling label, has been heard by relatively few ears, but those who listen are immediately struck by the sublime sensibility, the effortlessness, and the exquisitely detailed understatement of his music. Carchesio and Craig are core members of the freely improvising psych-primitive ensemble The Lost Domain, whose CDs on Pseudo Arcana, Broken Face and Digitalis have created a fairly hefty underground stir, yet as a duo, their music has never previously traveled further then the ears of a handful of close friends.


Air In The Sand

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San Francisco sound artist Loren Chasse’s recording processes revolve around active participation within particular, unspecified environments into which he broadcasts drones, textures, and field recordings. Crickets gurgle within aqueous percolations and tectonic surf crashes against rock; rain vaporizes in a caustic sizzle as it hits electrical wires, compounded by the sharp crack of branches and the slow hiss of sand. Outside ongoing pastoral contributions to the polyphonic Jewelled Antler constellation, Chasse exposes something profoundly beautiful lurking in the shadows of the landscape.



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Melbourne sound artist Eamon Sprod creates textures from microphones dragged through leaves and gravel, rain pounding against buildings, and waves crashing inside an abandoned factory. Tarab’s field recordings and improvisations combine natural and artificial sources in richly layered sonic environments. Imported from Australia.



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Four sound artists working with field recordings. Toshiya Tsunoda’s “Reclaimed Land,” recorded in Japan, captures an immersive and rich environment, momentarily framed. Melbourne-based sound artist and improviser Joel Stern’s track was produced using binaural microphones, two bottles of soda water, damaged cables and speakers; it moves between richly textural surface noise, investigations of acoustic space, and minute gestural detail. The cyclic mixture of breathing, resonant drones, static rustlings and scrapings of Tarab’s “Of Hollow Traces” was constructed from a series of improvisations, using found objects, microphones, simple electronics and field recordings. Brisbane-based writer, composer and artist Lawrence English collects together a series of field recordings captured in Tokyo and New York into an audio diary of abstract reflections. Imported from Australia.