Necking / Breakarts

(Neck And Tongue) 12-inch $9.75 (Out-of-stock)

Brooklyn-based drums-electronics-voices duo on one side (Rop Vazquez [ex-Rice, Peechees, Semi-Automatic] and Nick Lesley [Alien Whale, ex-Oma Yang, Scarcity of Tanks]), doing their hyper-active improv noise rock influenced by the San Diego hardcore they grew up with in the ’90s, and on the other the Bay Area quintet described by SF Weekly as “inscrutable” and “threatening,” consisting of RandyLee Sutherland (vox, tape loops), Tomo Yasuda (bass, Korg, keys, Casio), Kevin Woodruff (drums, sample pad), Anthony Iamurri (guitar, bass, cowbell), and Jonathan Holland (bass, guitar). 45 RPM. Edition of 500.