Dancing With The Sun

(Neurot) Used CD $5.00 (Out-of-stock)

Since their emergence in 1975, the instinctive primal rock of Hungary’s legendary Galloping Coroners (Vágtázó HalottKémek) has celebrated the elementary powers of creation. A shamanistic / psychedelic / hardcore / space rock blend realized in an unrestricted outburst of total life energy.


Eye Of Every Storm

(Neurot) Used 2xLP $75.00

(Neurot) Used CD $5.00

Eight massive tracks from 1994 recorded and mixed by Steve Albini by these long-running heavy sound explorers and tribal rock warriors. “Adopting for a clean cut, post-rock sound, Neurosis drops much of their intensity in favor for an atmospherically poignant sound,” insists Metal Archives. The band’s “thick, dreary atmosphere of monochrome blackness is still present, the distinctive vocal work still here…. The lyrical work is outstanding as usual, dealing with feelings such as hopelessness and depression, the band deals with it subtly, never feeling overwrought or histrionic…. Essential.”
LP is sealed and pressed on gray swirled vinyl.
CD includes O-card.


Strange Keys to Untune Gods’ Firmament

(Neurot - NR067) CD $15.00

Guitar-based mass, Wagnerian bombast, Nietzchean worldview, and warlike cries of rebellion against the false, encased in a whirlwind both psychotropic and psychoacoustic, tortured, distorted, and eerily shamanic.