Gobi Wow

(Never Come Ashore) LP $19.00

Guido Henneböhl plays an archaic electronic instrument of his own design that appears to be trapped in the ancient mysteries of circuit bending but it is in fact a dynamic oxygen-filtration system. There are (no longer) any animal bones contained in the device but DNA is still present. Fritz Welch manipulates vibrating surfaces such as drums, cymbals, moral certainties and puddles using sticks and objects while his syllabic utterances are offset with percussive concussion. There are no beats here, however, just a relentless pyroclastic flow of robot voices gurgling indecipherable quips of the “baby, that volcano looks so good on you” variety.


Lumps For Lovin’

(Never Come Ashore - NCACD1) CD $12.25

(Never Come Ashore - NCACD1) Used CD $6.00

Named after a mishearing of the lyrics to “Got To Have Loving” by Don Ray, Lumps for Lovin’ documents Glasgow residents Fritz Welch (on percussion, amp, voice, electronics) and Neil Davidson (on guitar and amplifier) collaborating in the studio and live with Helhesten, Maya Dunietz and Liene Rozite (Muris). A fusion of batshit blustering mayhem with a precision normally associated with micro house, adumbrated by just a hint of adolescent breathlessness, this surprisingly danceable disc synthesizes noise and acoustic improvisation into a gurgling diaspora of juice.