A Soundtrack For Nightmares

(New Underground - NU666) Used CDR $10.00 (Out-of-stock)

Solo electronic experiments by the man behind the legendary “consummate weirdo tape noise / guitar thunder” album Zurich 1916 (Iridescence 1984). Admired by our friends at Volcanic Tongue for its “cold, dark appeal that feels close to Steven Stapleton’s vision for early Nurse With Wound but with less of the sonic surrealism and a more claustrophobic, drone-based atmosphere,” the “deliberately unnerving” A Soundtrack For Nightmares moves “from deep wells of suspended sound a là early-AMM into distant tectonic scrapings and doomy single note guitar bombs a là Pete Swanson, all drenched in haunting fog-horn calls and shortwave flutter a là the Conet Project recordings.” All-black jewel case with insert and silver-stickered front.