Imaginary Falcons

(Night People) Used LP $12.00

The full-length debut from Rah Dunes’ Aaron Coynes and Indra Dunis “ranks as one of the most consistently serene and melodious missives from the Night-People stable, kicking off with an intro track full of floating pentatonic motifs and tape-delayed, crumbling ambience before ‘Silver Tongues Soft Whispers’ fashions a pop song (of sorts) out of their plodding and primal keyboard instruments, oscillator fizz, and decayed vocals. The album’s centerpiece ‘Wedding Song’ takes scratchy old synth sounds and cheap bossa-box beats to build up a strange rhythm section while twanging spaghetti western guitars and muffled lead vocals chime in. ‘Owls Barking’ closes the album with a tuneful, cosmic, new-age jam that’s beyond lo-fi but tons of fun, bringing to mind a krautrock-influenced Sun Araw.” Silkscreened card insert. 2011 repress


Blunt Insturmental

(Night People) Used LP (one-sided) $9.00

“Absolutely killer stuff from 2009 by Detroit-area art punk garage rockers. Blunt Instrumental isn’t all instrumental, but there is a focus on letting the rhythms and noise play out a bit. A sort of step forward into a more groove-oriented, noisy / jammy territory while simultaneously returning to the sound of the early singles.” Clear vinyl, silkscreened on one side.