Last Shot At Heaven

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Madly pounding drums, the occasionally audible bass, but mainly a demonic, noisy blur possessed by distorted guitars. Skullflower’s hideous cacophony — altered artificially, mechanically, digitally, chemically — wavers across the spectrum of intensity, tension, meander, flow, and stutter. A divine and mesmerizing sandstorm.


And Then What...

(Noiseville) Used LP $12.00

Bassist Scott Telles’s howl is as potent as ever on “Thirst,” a voluminous jam that watches the “oceans receding from space,” and goes right into Joel Crutcher’s snaking guitar on “First Light,: a tribal passage through the heart of face-melting darkness. The bridge continues over “Invocation of My Demon Brother,” the dizzying bleeps and feedback swirling into well-oiled paranoia, which drops into the thrashing “Watch the Bile Come Out.” Paste-on front and back cover. Number edition of 500