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The 2001 psycho head-melt of Michael Pullen (Circle X, Life of Falconetti) oozes down into the existential abyss, where heavy, growling cyclones and monotone, minimalist guitar riffs bare-back slow-motion beats, just as rough and rustic as early Swans or Live Skull. Bass by Algis Kizys, vocalist Kate Dariani, Katie X. Lewis on viola, and organ by Rémy Bux add even more guest lava to the futuristic troglodyte reverberations emanating from Loner’s concrete hell-caves. Four inserts.


Chronicle Of A Death Foretold

(Non Mi Piace) Used 2xCD $10.00 (Out-of-stock)

Rodger Stella’s cut-up material from 2000, sourced from Macronympha and Mlehst.