(Nostilevo - #77) LP $16.50 (Out-of-stock)

Neue dark electronic power. Heavy, rhythmic industrial with a large dose of synthetic experimentation and goth club flavor. Creeping and drenched.


El Mago En Ti

(Nostilevo - #61) LP $16.50

Something of an anomaly in Miami, culturally and geographically isolated from a state teeming with hillbilly abjection, Ramiro Jean-Carlo entertains a unique decadence under the guise of Staccato Du Mal — at turns gauzy and drugged, energized and electric. El Mago En Ti keeps things as sinister as ever, with classic SDM sawtooth baselines, rickety clattering rhythms, lots of reverb, and analog electronics that would be best heard in a blacklit dance club or a mouldering mansion against the background of a tropical depression.