Dub, Reggae & Roots From The Melodica King

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A pretty fantastic collection of some of Pablo’s best early material. While there is overlap with previous releases, there are some nice dubs and alternate mixes on this 2000 collection. Jacob Miller’s “Baby I Love You So” gets a superb melodica reading on “Cassava Piece,” and the guitars of “Give Praise” slip, slide, and submerge under water on “Silent Satta.” Lee Perry contributes a haunting revisitation of Pablo’s “Java” rhythm (“Dub Ethiopia”) and the outstanding and oddly understated “Black Ants Lane.” King Tubby’s mix of “Black Gunn” (led by Pablo’s ringing xylophone) is wonderfully bizarre, and “New Style” (a dub of Bongo Pat’s “Young Generation”) is rock-solid dub 101. Excellent liner notes detail Pablo’s evolution during the period and point the way to the original sources for many of the rhythms.