Hey, Man, I Understand

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“The tonality of [the six-minute centerpiece of this album by Chapel Hill musician Todd Emmert] ‘Tea With Pazuza’ recalls two avant-garde godheads,” proclaims Indy Week, “Charlemagne Palestine and … Tony Conrad…. Maybe that’s a saxophone blowing … grainy notes…, occasionally pushing the microphone past its capacity…, a violin scraping the sky in the distance, its mean tone stretching like a filthy canvas made of flesh…, a split, spliced, and essentially subverted boogie-woogie piano line [coming] from every direction…, but its peculiarity [turns] textures into a labyrinth…. His music moves from busted country songs and scowling barroom anthems to long-tone, hypnotic instrumentals and propulsive, beat-driven pieces without a hiccup…. [This] agitated experimenter sport[s] a dashing sense of observational humor … and a gloriously intense appreciation for mangled tones.”