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On this composed work (as opposed to BxC's propensity for improv), each piece revolves around a central melodic theme with field recordings, an audio diary bridging the gaps, ranging from pure tonal mood to huge electronic crescendos. Challenger uses space remarkably, with parts coming and going, dropping, building or receding. When the piano crashes in “Mysteries of the Organ,” it's almost a frustration of paradise, a rejection of perfection or maybe a jolt of inexplicable life, unable to be translated into proper communication. Juxtaposed with the quiet haunting of “Hopelessly Devoted” which sounds like a love letter written to outer space, it makes for an album that is both dynamic yet consistent as a full statement. TEDIUM HOUSE BEST OF 2008


Gud’ Bye Ta Sluggo!

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Five-song tour-de-force will that will make your skin shake. In addition to the huge tornado of guitar and Melchior’s unique misanthropy, the big draw is the seething “JC Slug Pt. 2,” a blues-y disembowelment of the New York City music scene circa 2004. Covers of Gene Vincent and Little Willie John are fine buttresses of the Broke Revue’s great black humor and violence. Sealed