On Rusticated Slant

(Pleasance - PR013) LP $12.00

The “intricate and finely tuned landscape of auditory fart jokes and avant-gardism” on the first LP by Gastric Female Reflex’s Andrew Zukerman under the name Fleshtone Aura “bombard[s] … warm energy of a high-speed cut-and-paste dance mix” observes Tad Michalak. “This chaos quickly ends with the feeling that all these sounds have been simultaneously thrown off the CN Tower and are falling aimlessly through space, silent before their imminent demise…. A free jazz duet for motorcycle and percussion, gears twisting, ominous maneuvers in the dark. Sound crystallizes, refracting in a house of mirrors. Piercing sine waves slice through mundanity as this chameleon writhes and twitches. Bumping dance beats emerge out of human pauses and carefully placed electroacoustic junk percussion. A piano note stretches into a harsh rumbling landscape of wind noise, fire crackles, scrapping metal and hushed squeals. The definitive sounds of a world post-2012 disaster. The second side opens as a 1950s joke factory soundtrack. Classic rock riffs tango with child-ish bleeps and bloops in a birdlike call and response…. Zukerman’s collages gestate forward with an oddly nostalgic undertone. Abrasive screeches and sweeps lead to luscious and decadent tidbits of familiarity, unsettling…. Something like a recapping of a horse race meets postnasal drip. The bubbling voice of Jabba the Hutt dictates some unknown message from beneath the murk. Heart-warming abstractions of a human reality.” Edition of 300


No Knot Of Tubes (Superhexen)

(Pleasance) Cassette $2.00

The closest thing to a rock album in the Kapali Carsi discography contains a piece for amplified gong, another for deconstructed bass guitar, and a final “Riffigy,” for self-accompanied bass guitar. Edition of 100