Pulse Resonator

(Praxis Dr. Bearmann) Used LP + 7-inch $35.00

Coherent VCO recordings from 1995. “Highly electric and often piercing sound,” says Freak Animal, “but not very ripping like loudest of the noise. More ‘artistic’ with perfection on capturing the sonic qualities.” Red twelve-inch vinyl. Clear seven-inch vinyl. With obi. Numbered edition of 275.


Familiedrama / Pain

(Praxis Dr. Bearmann - TH17) 7-inch $10.00 (Out-of-stock)

From 1997.


New European Order

(Praxis Dr. Bearmann - TH12) 3xLP $30.00 (Out-of-stock)

Industrial percussion following the path of Test Dept. (albeit harsher), released in 1996, using musical percussion installations, tools, conventional drums, self-made wind instruments and power electronics. Part of the "Statement Trilogy." The sixth side is blank. The flap that seals the jacket shut is kind of munched and there is some scuffing along the same edge, so we're listing this as used. Vinyl is near-mint.