Blind Chance

(Present Time Exercises - PTELP3) LP $19.50

A long improvised acoustic freak-out ranging from loose, frequent and infrequent twangs to pure whirlwinds of aggressive string assaults and finger-shredding plucking. This still retains Deas's signature traditional playing. Edition of 500.


Deas & Denton's Inferno

(Present Time Exercises - PTELP4) LP $19.50

This collaboration by Deas and Denton expands upon their s/t CDR (Blackest Rainbow 2011). Using electric guitars on two side-long pieces, the duo breaks away from barely tamed, throbbing feedback and moves toward a more composed domain, drawing from influences as far-reaching as La Monte Young, Basic Channel and Pan Sonic. Instances of hypnotic drones and onslaughts of pulsating, over-arching beats immerse and assault the listener. Edition of 250.



(Present Time Exercises - PTECD1) CD $18.00

The entirety of Deas's colossal work for 12-string guitar spanning over 70 minutes in four parts. Exploring the sonic possibilities of guitar through a legion of extended techniques, the piece investigates the space between composition and free improvisation, moving between melodic sections reminiscent of Eastern folk music, vicious free improvisations and gradual minimalist transformations. Edition of 1000 copies.


Quadtych Volume One

(Present Time Exercises - PTELP1) LP $22.50

Parts one and two of Deasʼs colossal work for 12-string guitar, recorded in one evening at Londonʼs Roundhouse in December 2010, evidence of his unification the exploration of his acoustic guitar through a legion of extended techniques, with a developed and structured formulation combined with sections of partly and freely improvised playing. Edition of 500.


Quadtych Volume Two

(Present Time Exercises - PTELP2) LP $22.50

Parts three and four of Deasʼs colossal work for 12-string guitar. Moving into a major key, Deas brings back melodies from part one in a whole new light, building into a grand melodic climax at the end of part three before the transfiguration of a beautiful repetitive pattern into an atonal onslaught, eventually falling into a vicious free improvisation on a completely detuned 12-string in the fourth and final part. Edition of 500.