To Find Out b/w Girl

(Priority Male - 24) 7-inch $8.00 (Out-of-stock)

’67 Detroit proto-punk / garage that is insanely rickety, drugged-out and awesome. Hand-stamped labels. Hand-screened sleeves. Edition of 300.


Machines That Kill People

(Priority Male) LP $16.50

Priority Male’s reissue of the Chicago trio’s debut album (Thermidor 1983) revisits their unique mixture of love pulsations from the deep end of odd, no-wave guitar collage clatter, churning and clanging repetition, exuberant freak-flag-flying, and powerful quasi-sermonizing cautiously and passionately delivered by legendary frontman Travis. 150g vinyl. Hand-screened jackets. Poster insert.



(Priority Male) LP $16.00

Originally released by Thermidor in 1986, the second LP by this legendary experimental group from Chicago’s southside experiments with atmospherics and sparser compositions. Travis belts out gospel-tinged Beefhart-ian sermons over post-Gristle clatter, filtering traditional hymns through afterwar points-of-view, remnants of post-modern abstract punk, and Western world queer counterculture. Ono’s theatrical attributes shine heavily and give noticeable nods to Pere Ubu while also scrambling their influences beyond recognition. Remastered from original tapes. 150-gram vinyl. Listen to the whole album here: