The Inner Workings Of The Mechanism

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Stan Reed of Blue Sabbath Black Cheer and The Broken Penis Orchestra channels ear-friendly electroacoustic ideas from a series of minimal, electronic installations, subtitled An Odd Tale Of Life, where creaking and groaning are set in motion in front of the listener while the composer applies various sound treatments. Edition of 50


The Bone Tickling Nightmare Pig — An Exercise in Futility

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“Devotees of dadaist brain-scramble in the mode of Nurse With Wound and early Negativland are keenly advised to lend an ear to this delicately titled compilation from 2004, featuring several Richard Rupenus-related projects as well as a nice cross-section of post-industrial non-generic probings.” With Cybercantautores de Mierda, Erek Gita, Mixed Band Philanthropist, Plethora, Observe I, Nequanquam Vacuum, WaZu, Anomali, Broken Penis Orchestra, IDX1274, Komafuzz, Anakrid, Forms of Things Unknown, Gate 33 & DKD Girl, and Snma. Includes feathers