4: Aids-A-Delic

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It’s a sweet pile of junk. No, it’s tape loop madness. Don’t argue, internets, Goodbye Doctor arbitrates your conflict thus: “One of the many off-spews of Yamatsuka Eye and the whole Boredoms noise phenomenon (before they drifted off into some kind of ur-Jam band heaven) … [was] recorded on a poorly functioning boombox; I’ve also heard that a drill was used to make noises [and] break gear…. More like mood music, at least for me…, memories of a kind of unhinged mental state…., this is a soundtrack to a breakdown.”


Cassettetape Superstar

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The cover of the The Godz’ “Radar Eyes” is just one of the highlights on this endlessly entertaining album, which undertakes some of the more extreme regressions rock music saw in the ’90s, what with Eye grunting neanderthal monosyllables over a backing of seemingly random percussion. With plenty of purposeful funk deconstruction and meta-rock insight, this is one of most unlikely party albums of that long-gone decade.