Hollow Gravity

(Puer Gravy) LP $37.50

The first album of new material since Seal Pool Sounds (Seal Pool 2005) by this maverick electronic explorer and former Storm Bugs / Snatch Tapes operative. The subtly unnerving and the psychologically suggestive are entwined in Sanderson’s enigmatic constructs of heightened atmospheres, generated with analog synths, primitive delay units and sequencers. Evocative echoes of sci-fi soundtrackers like Gil Mellé and Louis & Bebe Barron, and the mischievous audio contraptions of Solid Eye. 180-gram, laser-etched vinyl. Edition of 100.


Eye Peels & Brain Picks

(Puer Gravy - PG01) LP $25.00 (Out-of-stock)

This all-points-bulletin and consensus reality disruption from these freak fringe surrealists gilds the lily pad (luxuriating polymorphs, take note!) and pulls the magic carpet out from under the levitating swami. Oh, slapstick, thou art truly immortal. Jacket is gold-printed, laminated, and plastic panel-bedecked. Laser-etched, 180-gram vinyl. Edition of 100.