Electronic Toys 2

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Rare electronic pling-plong lounge action from the early days of synthesizer experimentation by Bruce Haack, Harry Breuer, Fred Weinberg, Gil Trythall, Mort Garson, The Mindexpanders, Kid Baltan & Tom Dissevelt, and Walter Sear.


Electronic Toys

(QDK Media) Used CD $10.00 (Out-of-stock)

Subtitled A Retrospective of ’70s Synthesizer Music. Nineteen kitsch-friendly tunes for films and commercials culled from music libraries KPM, Sonoton and Selected Sound, composed and performed by David Vorhaus, Ron Geesin, Mladen Franko, Steve Gray, Brian Benett, Heinz Funk, Eric Peters, Roland Hovac, Gerhard Trede, Ted Atking, Claude Larson & His Computer Controlled Oscillators, Dave Richmond, Rex Brown Company & Wersi-Electric-String Orchestra and Cecil Canterburn.