Sweetness of Sickness

(Rabid God Inoculator - RGI004) Used CD $20.00

Beautiful, cacophonous, yearning, melancholy, Kang “gets more tonal variation from his violin than anyone else in the history of Western music,” sputters a breathless Amazon reviewer about one of Kang's earliest albums, released in 1996, “Making it sound, by turns, like a buzzing bee, a Stealth Bomber firing up its engines, faux-demented fugal madness, a cranky bear waking from hibernation, a barking dog, a train wreck, Hendrix on steroids, a badly played saw, the theme to a demented marionette production, a buzz saw, a passel of falling-down-drunk clowns, a pack of robot coyotes mating (or maybe being run over by Cadillac Escalades), pigs being slaughtered, dial-up internet connections, flipping the dial on your radio when its turned up full blast, and the heaviest death metal band ever.”